1. How is Memory

  2. Re-Imprinting different from other techniques like EFT, hypnosis, and therapy?

  1. EFT, while powerfully effective, does not automatically include access to the subconscious and does not fill the void with positive images. The subconscious will often regress to the default mode of old negative habits if left unfilled.

  2. Hypnosis allows you to change beliefs and images on a subconscious level but does not address the energetic components of the beliefs or images.

  3. Traditional therapy suggests reframing beliefs and images on a conscious level however; our subconscious drives most of our beliefs and decisions.

What kind of results can I expect?

  1. Single incident traumas and phobias can often be resolved quickly with a couple of re-imprints. Core beliefs are often created early in life and then reinforced over time. These may require more re-imprinting however not every belief or image has to be re-imprinted before the core belief is eliminated and a new one established. It is these beliefs that often sabotage our success because they are tied to what we believe is our survival.

  1. What other type of things is

  2. Memory Re-Imprinting good for?

  3. Abuse

  4. Addictions

  5. Anxiety

  6. Phobias

  7. Fears
    Personal and Business Effectiveness

  8. Public Speaking Anxiety

  9. Trauma

  10. Fertility Issues

  11. Relationship Issues

  12. And more…

Kim Archer


EFT & Matrix

Re-Imprinting Practitioner

  1. How can Memory Re-Imprinting help me?

  2. Have you ever tried to change your life with one step forward, two back? Like starting a new action plan for a business, losing weight, quitting smoking, finding a new kind of relationship, but always ending up with the same kind of person? No matter how hard we try to change, we hit a brick wall.

  3. Memory Re-Imprinting breaks through the wall and lays a safe confident path by gently undoing the negativity that has been holding you back and re-imprinting the positive supportive images that get you on your way to the success you deserve.

What is Memory Re-Imprinting?

Memory Re-Imprinting is an effective and gentle way of energetically changing negative memories into  positive ones.